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Termite Control

Buying a home or commercial property? Never rely on a general home inspector to spot termite or other pest issues—most will tell you right in their contract that they’re not responsible for discovering termite or other pest issues. Call Midwest Pest Control today to schedule an inspection prior to buying residential or commercial real estate.

Termites are a growing problem in southeastern Wisconsin. Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Walworth counties (among others) all have active and growing termite colonies present. The growing termite problem in Wisconsin started similarly to the recent emerald ash borer problem in the state—by being brought in on infested wood or landscape timbers. Once the termites have established themselves in the ground they will spread and can attack a large area.

The termite native to Wisconsin is called the Eastern subterranean termite. As a subterranean species they do not create large mounds as ants often do, but instead live often inconspicuously beneath the soil. Termite damage often appears similar to water damage. Termites are also easy to identify when you see them—they look like large creamy white colored ants, without the pinched waistline of an ant.

Our termite treatment prices are among the lowest in the industry—call us today and we will help you to protect your home or commercial property from termites!

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