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Bed Bugs

Whether you need to control and eliminate bed bugs in your home, hotel or other commercial property, Midwest Pest Control will solve your bed-bug problem quickly and for a price that you can afford.  Our chemical treatment plan is both safe and effective, and costs only a fraction of what you would spend for a heat treatment or fumigation.  Chemical treatments also have the advantage of having a residual effect—the product lasts and continues to kill bed bugs for around 30 days, whereas with heat treatments re-infestation can occur as soon as the temperature of the room returns to normal.

If someone in your home or hotel is being bitten by bed bugs, it is highly possible that the problem may be larger than you realize.  Bed bug bites affect people differently and while some individuals may show clusters of red bites, rashes or other allergic symptoms not everyone is allergic to them and many people show little to no visible bite marks after being bitten.

Bed bug infestations in the home usually become noticeable within a few months after travelling, when one or more bed bugs hitches a ride in your suitcase or on an item of clothing.  Bed bugs can also be brought into your home or hotel inadvertently by guests.  Not everyone develops visible bite marks or skin rashes consistent with bed bug allergy so someone bringing them in may not even know that they have them. Bed bug infestations (unlike roaches) have nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene and bed bug infestations are among the least likely to be controlled with products you can buy in a home improvement store or over the internet.  When dealing with bed bugs you are always going to need professional help to remove them.  Call us today and we will get your bed bug issue under control fast and discreetly.

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